“They watched them dogs die,” Several dogs poisoned in Oklahoma community

CARTWRIGHT, Okla. – A neighborhood is on edge after several dogs died in the span of a few weeks.

Frank Luckie told KXII that two of his dogs died on Saturday, the same day that neighbors also lost three of their pets.

“About two or three weeks ago, there was a neighbor across the road. He had two basset hounds. Poisoned, both of them. He’s got three kids that just loved those dogs to death. Of course, they watched them dogs die too,” Luckie said.

A veterinarian in the area said that she suspected someone was poisoning the dogs with strychnine.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, strychnine is a highly toxic, odorless, bitter, crystalline powder that is used as a pesticide, particularly to kill rats.

“It’s horrible. Their muscles are all contracted, and that’s how they die. They actually can’t breathe and that’s how it suffocates them. One of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever know in your life. And to see her that way was terrible,” said Julius Horvath.

The Bryan County Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating the case and are waiting on toxicology reports on the dogs.

This isn’t the first time an Oklahoma community has been on edge because of someone poisoning dogs.

In August, 14 families in Coalgate reported that their dogs had been poisoned