Former wife of ex-governor’s aide: 911 call was ‘one bad night’

TULSA, Okla. – The ex-wife of a former Oklahoma governor’s aide is speaking out following allegations of domestic abuse.

Tulsa police told The Frontier that officers responded to a domestic violence call from Preston Doerflinger’s wife in 2012. She reportedly told 911 dispatchers that Doerflinger had choked her twice during an argument.

Authorities said that the case was assigned to the family violence unit, but it was ‘immediately’ closed and not forwarded to prosecutors.

Police say the victim filled out a victim’s statement but later asked that it not be used because she didn’t want Doerflinger to lose his job.

After the report came to light, the board of the Oklahoma State Department of Health went into executive session to discuss Doerflinger’s employment. Following the executive session, Doerflinger announced his resignation.

Officials with the Oklahoma Management and Enterprise Services agency told KFOR that Doerflinger also resigned from his positions in that department. He was serving as the OMES director and the secretary of finance.

“There are people, right now, being harmed by domestic violence who are in desperate need of help. My family is not one of them. Comparing their plights to a situation that occurred several years ago minimizes and distracts attention away from their urgent needs. Our energies would be far better spent focusing on how to best help those struggling families, rather than participating in the politics of destruction by making an example out of a currently healthy family who had one bad night six years ago,” Doerflinger’s ex-wife said in a statement to the Tulsa World.

Gov. Mary Fallin said, in part, “I was unaware of the personal situation involving Preston and his ex-wife almost six years ago. Mrs. Doerflinger did not contact my office about this matter. I take domestic violence very seriously, but I will take Mrs. Doerflinger at her word that this matter was not a case of domestic violence. I respect Preston’s decision to move on from his government service, and wish him and his family the best.”