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“It’s just love in the air,” Couples tie the knot at Oklahoma County Courthouse

OKLAHOMA CITY - It's the most romantic day of the year and, this Valentine’s Day, some metro couples couldn't wait to make their love official.

Love is in the air, especially at the Oklahoma County Courthouse where News 4 found wonderful couples who couldn't wait to tie the knot.

"If you're prepared, you should go ahead and take the step,” said new bride Emili Atilano.

She said her new husband popped the question in December.

"All the sudden, he's like, 'Oh, reach into the pocket,'” she said.

After five years - a surprise engagement and, not long after, they decided Wednesday was the day to get hitched.

However, their plans don't end there.

"I want a big wedding,” Atilano said. “He knows that. I want a big wedding."

A big celebration will come in time. However, Wednesday, they said they just couldn't wait to be husband and wife.

"I guess it was just destiny for us to be together,” Atilano said.

The next newlyweds were Diane and Duane Peters.

The couple has only been together for six months but knew they wanted to be married from day one.

"First time we saw each other,” Peters said.

But, Diane, a Luther resident, isn't just committing to marriage. She's got a big move ahead now to Duane’s home up north in chilly South Dakota.

She said he gave her a nice, warm coat for her wedding gift so she would be prepared.

After 50 years of waiting for her Prince Charming , she said a change in climate is a sacrifice she's more than willing to make.

"It's just love in the air,” Diane said.

"She couldn't wait,” Duane said.

Coincidentally, employees at the courthouse tell us a couple with the last name of “Valentine” was the first to get married on the morning of the holiday.