Graffiti and broken windows: Metro mom wants vandalism to stop

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro mom says vandals are wreaking havoc on her home.

"There's actually a footprint on the front door where they managed to kick in the front door," said Toni Hunter.

Toni Hunter says she’s renovating the vacant home in The Village so that she and her son can move in and be near a park.

Both investigators and Hunter suspect children are the ones who keep breaking into her home, tagging the walls with graffiti and breaking windows.

Hunter even says the vandals kicked in her door and have been camping out in her storm shelter.

"If ever we need to come here, to be safe during a tornado, I`ll have to fumble with a key to remove the padlock to get into our storm shelter," said Hunter.

She says the damage is costing her thousands and hopes the parents of those responsible will hold those responsible will be accountable.

Hunter even made a sign.

'Well, it's a sign that I made up just out of pure frustration. It says, 'vandalism is against the law! When the police find you, your parents will be the ones paying for your damage.'"

But more than anything, she just wants an apology.