Need a job? Home Depot and Lowe’s are hiring 130,000 seasonal employees!

As many companies are downsizing or enforcing hiring freezes, business for Home Depot and Lowe's is on the verge of its annual seasonal boom.

Lowe's is about to host its largest-ever job fair, with a plan to fill 53,000 temporary jobs nationwide, an increase of 8,000 jobs from the previous year, for its busy spring and summer months.

Lowe's is planning a massive hiring event on February 21st to give applicants on-site interviews and a tour of the store, but you may also apply in-store before the event.

Lowe's will also host a Facebook Live event at 1:15 p.m. CST the same day for anyone unable to attend the job fair.

Last year, Lowe's officials said that nearly 40 percent of seasonal workers moved into part-time and full-time jobs after the summer season.

Meanwhile, Home Depot will bring on 80,000 new seasonal employees to its 2,000 stores, just as it did last year, in preparation for spring planting and lawn care.

Home Depot is using a new online tool, which allows applicants to schedule in-person interviews.

Applicants may also apply at a Home Depot store.

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