Oklahoma sheriff gets software to break into locked electronic devices

PUSHMATAHA COUNTY, Okla. – An Oklahoma sheriff’s office says a new piece of technology will help them dig into suspects’ electronic devices, even if they’re locked.

Pushmataha County Sheriff BJ Hedgecock says that in the past, he would have to mail a suspect’s locked phone to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to get information from the device.

Now, that technology is right at his fingertips.

“We can download and take everything that was on that phone, that was even erased on that phone, and put it on CDs,” Hedgecock told KXII.

After receiving a $10,000 grant, the sheriff’s office purchased a device and software that allows them to get into most phones and tablets.

After receiving a warrant, Hedgecock says he simply has to plug in a device and the software will transfer files onto his computer in seconds. It allows him to search for keywords, view all photos, find frequent callers and information that might lead to other suspects quickly.