Study shows southerners are more comfortable dating divorcees


OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – This week, a national relationship survey was conducted on 2,000 people to understand American’s opinions on relationships, divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, and other relationship dynamics.

Avvo, an online legal marketplace conducted the study, asking participants over 18-years-old their opinion on dating someone who has been divorced.

When it comes to dating someone who’s been divorced, Southerners were found to be less likely to feel uncomfortable with the prospect (27%) compared to the rest of the country (30% in the Northeast and Midwest, and 35% in the West).

Avvo conducts periodic studies of topics at the intersection of lifestyle and the law to better understand the issues facing individuals engaging with attorneys and the legal system. Given that divorce and family law are two of the largest and most routine needs for legal help in the United States, understanding the relationship dynamics that lead to marriage, divorce, and family planning are beneficial to the legal consumers and attorneys whom Avvo serves.

According to this study, this Valentine’s Day, those who live in the south might be having an easier time finding love.