“I thought maybe this was it,” Woman grateful to be alive after being held at gunpoint at her Oklahoma City home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman is thankful to be alive after being held at gunpoint inside her car in her own driveway.

It happened on Tuesday outside of her home near N.W. 10th and Rockwell.

"I thought maybe this was it, maybe they'll just shoot me in the head," Beverly Buddin told News 4.

Thankfully, that never happened. However, Buddin said it was a close call.

"I saw this group of people, and I was feeling a little cautious," Buddin said.

She said she pulled into her driveway and the group followed, making their way onto her front lawn.

"There was a large man, who stood by our front window, and a woman, who had a teenage man and two children," Buddin said.

She decided to stay inside her car and lock the doors, fearing what might happen if she went outside.

"They were all just staring at me, and the teenager came over to my car and started showing me this little pistol that he had," Buddin said.

Police said he pointed the gun at her, tapped on the window and checked to see if the knob on the door handle was locked.

"Kind of a strange in the fact that nobody spoke. They did not demand her car. They pointed the gun at her through the window," said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

"He keeps motioning me with his gun to get out of the car, and I refuse to do it so he points the gun at my head. I'm thinking 'Go ahead, and do it. I'm not going to give you my car,'" Buddin said.

Fortunately, without any gunfire, the group left the property and Buddin called 911.

"I had kids in here watching TV when we pulled up, and I was just afraid if the kids heard anything, what would have happened if they had opened the door when these people are here," Buddin said.

Police arrested the teen on assault charges, and he was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.