Oklahoma boy hit by car opens eyes for first time since arriving at Arkansas hospital

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OWASSO, Okla. – A 13-year-old boy who hit by a car last week is still recovering in the hospital, his family says.

Ben DoBoer was walking with his mom and sibling in the parking lot of a grocery store, when his mom spotted a woman in a parked car having trouble.

Fox 23 reports his mother took Ben and his sibling around the front of the car, and at that same time, the driver accidentally hit the gas, hitting Ben.

“My understanding is, the tires did go right over his chest,” said Pastor Jim Stevenson.

Ben’s right lung had to be removed and he also suffered injuries to his other lung and heart.

Last week, he was flown to an Arkansas hospital where they have special equipment needed for Ben.

Since then, he had not been conscious.

However, on Valentine’s Day, Ben’s mom said he opened his eyes for the first time since arriving at the hospital.

The family also says Ben is no longer considered to be one of the most critical patients.

An MRI was done on Ben’s brain, the family says “it showed some brain damage called shear, a mild form of it. This is common with trauma patients, especially those who have gone through what Ben has experienced. Today the doctor was going to reduce Ben’s sedation and remove his ventilator tube. But, after the MRI results and seeing 1 pupil larger than the other he will wait two days. Shear goes away with time and may leave a certain amount of damage in its’ wake, or it may not. Since Ben’s sheer is mild, the damage left behind would also be mild, if any.”

Pastor Jim Stevenson says while Ben has made progress, they would appreciate more prayers for Ben’s recovery.

“Continue to pray for Ben and the rest of the family. The Lord has been so kind and is hearing the prayers of His children,” said Pastor Stevenson.

A gofundme page has been set up to help the family with medical expenses.

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