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Newcastle teen critically injured in crash gets trach out; responding well to therapy

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A Newcastle teen who was critically injured in a crash in December is responding well to his therapy sessions, according to his family.

Caleb Freeman and his brother, Clayton, were on their way to an OU basketball game when their vehicle crashed on December 19th. 

Both were rushed to the OU Medical Center. Clayton was released not long after with minor injuries.

Caleb escaped without a broken bone, but suffered major brain trauma.

Caleb Freeman

According to Caleb’s family, he got his trach out on Valentine’s Day!

“We are excited to say the trach is officially out (and we may or may not have done a happy dance!!). Please pray that everything goes smoothly as it heals completely!” said Caleb’s mom in a Facebook post.

Family members say Caleb has had a “very busy but productive” week.

“The big news today was that during Caleb’s occupational therapy time later in the day, he responded well to commands, including nodding his head up and down for “yes” (which we captured on video). This may not sound like much, but it really is a big step for him. Yesterday, he gave a thumbs and reached for my hand on command a few times, but today, he deliberately and clearly nodded his head up and down for “yes” when he was asked. This continues to tell us that Caleb can hear us and that there is good, strong activity in his brain. God is healing him and helping him figure out things.”

And, about two weeks ago, a photo posted on the Pray for Caleb Facebook page, showed Caleb on his stomach for the first time in more than a month.

Caleb’s dad says despite Caleb not speaking just yet, they are thankful and grateful for everyone who has helped his son progress.

“We feel that everyone on Caleb’s team cares deeply for him and are doing everything they can to help him recover. We love everyone caring for our son!” he said. “We love you all! God is doing great things. Thank you for staying with us in the battle! #ButGod.”

Caleb’s progress can be followed on the Pray for Caleb Freeman Facebook page, and a YouCaring account has been set up to help his family pay for his medical bills.

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