Freezing conditions on the road in the metro persist throughout the day

OKLAHOMA CITY - After temperatures took a nose dive, dropping 20 degrees in a matter of minutes Tuesday morning, pouring rain quickly turned to sleet and drivers were hit with roads covered in ice.

"This kind of hit us unusually different than what normally happens. We had a heavy rainfall, then all of a sudden a cold front rolled through and it got below freezing within minutes, which then created some very heavy sleet, some slushy conditions," Jack Damrill with the Turnpike Authority said.

Even as the rain let up, the extended period of low temperatures gave roads enough time to freeze all the way through.

Roads that may just look wet turned icy on bridges and overpasses.

Crews with AAA Wrecker Service were on call answering roughly 200 calls, more than 70 of those involving an injury.

"The temperature is below freezing, it's going to stay below freezing for several hours," Capt. Timmons said. "If you don`t have to be out tonight, I would encourage you to stay home."