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“It’s a second chance to start over,” Sweet 15-year-old teen wants to be adopted

OKLAHOMA CITY - Giy Giy is a beautiful young woman from the inside out, and a deep thinker with a huge heart.

Although her real name is Dashanique, she likes to go by Giy Giy and is hoping to find a family before time runs out.

When you meet Giy Giy, you can't help but notice just how polite she is.

"We get forks and spoons over here. Would you like me to grab you one?" Giy Giy said.

But, the teen also shows a competitive streak.

"I play volleyball, and I'm a hitter and I play softball fast pitch," she said.

The 15-year-old was also a member of ROTC, but she recently moved - making all of the activities more difficult.

"When I lived in Chickasha at a group home, I had a job. I was in volleyball. I played softball. I was a student ambassador at Vo-Tech," Giy Giy said.

Giy Giy was in the certified nursing assistants program at her local technology center - a passion she developed after witnessing a horrific accident.

"These bikers came from the bar, and they were drunk. Nobody had on helmets, no nothing. They were trying to race, and it just went bad so me and my sister were behind them,” Giy Giy said. "One of the men broke his neck, and I held his head until the ambulance got there."

To this day, Giy Giy doesn't know if the man survived. But, the experience led her to want a career in the medical field.

"In Chickasha, I volunteered at the nursing homes because I want to be an EMT for the Air Force," she said.

Until then, Giy Giy shares her own personal story of survival to inspire others.

"Growing up, the support just wasn't there. It was there, but not fully,” Giy Giy said. "I wasn't able to communicate and connect at the time because I was so young."

She went into DHS custody three years ago with the hope for a fresh start.

"I think I want to be adopted because it's just a second chance,” Giy Giy said. "It's a second chance to start over, prove to people that you're not the statistic you're put in the category of."

By that, Giy Giy means she wants to change other people's perspective of children who are in state care.

"Most people think that just because we're in foster care that we're bad or we have bad tempers or we just have issues and stuff like that. But, some of the sweetest kids I've met are usually in foster care," she said.

Giy Giy proves that to be true - a sweet-spirited young lady with an independent career-driven mindset who is looking for a place to call home.

For more information, call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398.

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