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Toll troubles causing some drivers to pay more

OKLAHOMA CITY --- Thousands of drivers opt to take a tollway every day across Oklahoma.

However, one driver said when he drops his 45 cents in the coin collector, he's doesn't get the green light.

"I pay up to 75 cents to finally get the light to turn green," said Steven Brann.

Although the signs say 45 cents, Brann said he's been paying moreĀ for months.

"I have to grab all my change and just start chucking coins into it until I get a green light," Brann said.

It's a problem plaguing many drivers on the Kilpatrick Turnpike at the Western Avenue toll gate.

News 4 waited in line and it happened to us.

"This does happen; it's not an accordance that happens too regularly but it does happen," said Jack Damrill, spokesperson for the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

Damrill said sometimes, it's just a machine malfunction causing the coin collector to mess up.

"What happens is people throw in cash, when they throw in coins in the coin hopper, the light does not turn green for them to proceed through," he said.

Damrill also said if the sign tells you to pay 45 cents, do just that and not one cent more.

"We do not want them to throw in more than what the toll is," Damrill said.

Damrill suggests being patient, adding that the Turnpike Authority doesn't want drivers to throw all the money in at once.

"If it still doesn't turn green, then go ahead and proceed through. More than likely, that buzzer will go off, the red light will come on, the buzzer will go on but they will not be a violator," Damrill said.

Meanwhile, Brann said he's glad it's not just him because quarters do add up.

"It's an extra quarter but really to me, it's not a big deal. But if you look at a course of day and how many folks go through that and how much more revenue they're making out of us, it adds up," Brann said.

The Turnpike Authority also wants drivers to call the number on the cash machines if there are any problems.