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“Justice can never be fully served,” Family of man killed by neighbor releases statement

TULSA, Okla. – The family of a man who was murdered by his neighbor is speaking out following the suspect’s sentencing.

In August of 2016, authorities say 63-year-old Stanley Majors walked up the front steps of a family’s home and shot and killed 37-year-old Khalid Jabara.

The Jabara family says the murder was fueled by hate, adding that Majors would call them “dirty Arabs,” “dirty Lebanese” and called them “Mooslems.” However, the Jabara family says he had no idea they fled Lebanon because they were trying to escape religious persecution for being Christians.

The Jabara family holds a photo of Khalid. From left are Victoria, Mounha, Haifa, Rami and Jenna.

Earlier this month, Stanley Vernon Majors was convicted of first-degree murder, malicious intimidation and harassment, and threatening an act of violence.

He was sentenced to life in prison.

Khalid Jabara, family photo

The victim’s family is speaking out on the case, saying Majors doesn’t deserve any more attention now that the case is closed.

“Khalid’s murder has touched millions of people all over the world. In addition to hundreds of family and friends, Khalid’s murder has outraged the Lebanese & Arab communities, the Muslim, Christian & Jewish communities, our local church family, and of course the Tulsa community. We believe, justice can never fully be served for the physical & psychological torment created & caused by this defendant.

We have chosen not to attend today’s sentencing. We do not believe this defendant is worthy of any more attention, nor do we want to give this defendant any satisfaction or pleasure in hearing our pain, anguish, or grief. Based on his open communications heard at trial, it is clear he is not remorseful for his actions. If anything, he was satisfied murdering Khalid, our 37 year old son, brother, uncle, favorite cousin, best-friend, caretaker, fixer, and entertainer-in-chief. The defendant also appeared content after nearly killing our 67 year old mother (and grandmother) Haifa. His time to turn his life around has come and gone. If this defendant was ever released, we have no doubt he would continue to harm others including our family and this community. He has nothing to lose.

The fact is that though we have suffered unimaginable loss, we have also felt immeasurable love and support from friends, family & even strangers around the world. That is something this defendant has never had and never will have. And he will go to prison, for the rest of his life, which is where he belongs. Unlike the Defendant, we will continue to live, surrounded by love, cherishing Khalid, ensuring his legacy lives on, and working with others to prevent hate in our communities. The world does not need more people like Stanley Majors, it needs less. With that said, we refuse to give the defendant any more of our time, energy or thought- as he simply does not deserve it. He deserves exactly what the 12 jurors unanimously recommended- to spend the rest of his days, nights, hours, and minutes in prison,” a statement from the family read.