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Leader of ‘A Perfect Cause’ calls for Gov. Fallin’s resignation

OKLAHOMA CITY - Wes Bledsoe started his advocacy work for the disabled and elderly after the death of his grandmother, Eunice Allen, back in 2000 at a metro nursing home.

Almost two decades later, his fight continues.

“I’m done playing this game," Bledsoe said. "I’ve done it for almost 18 years now. I’m finished."

Bledsoe called for the resignation of seven state officials back in 2013, but now he’s going all the way to the top.

“If Governor Fallin won’t do her job, then let’s get somebody else in,” Bledsoe said.

On his Facebook page, 'A Perfect Cause,' Bledsoe put out a call to action asking Oklahomans to call the governor’s office and tell her they want her to resign.

“And, the reason for that is incompetence," Bledsoe said. "The communications in her office about our request to intervene to save the lives and prevent the suffering of thousands of Oklahomans every year... it’s atrocious what’s happening in her office."

Michael McNutt, Fallin’s communications director, sent a statement in response.

“Mr. Bledsoe’s call for the governor’s resignation is ridiculous and is another of his publicity stunts. Mr. Bledsoe has sent many emails to the governor’s office, often requesting meetings with key staff members on a subject he is passionate about. Key members of the governor’s staff met numerous times with Mr. Bledsoe, his board members and some of his clients to hear and discuss his concerns. Mr. Bledsoe during that time called for the resignation or termination of seven high-level officials.”

Bledsoe has received thousands of documents and emails from Fallin’s office through an open records request he filed almost four years ago.

He said some of the communication about him and his cause in the emails is offensive.

One email discusses a response to one of Bledsoe’s protests.

Fallin’s then communications director is discussing a statement Fallin OK'd where she said “I welcome a constructive conversation about how we can improve safety and care at the state’s nursing homes.”

But, Fallin’s chief of staff simply responds with “I don’t think we actually want to meet with him.”

“So, the governor’s telling the citizens of Oklahoma, I welcome a constructive conversation about how we can address these issues, protect people in nursing homes and, two minutes later, her chief of staff says we don’t actually want to meet with him,” Bledsoe said.

Bledsoe said, if Fallin doesn’t resign, he believes she should be impeached.