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“Caleb just looks better every day,” Newcastle teen critically injured in crash making progress in his recovery

OKLAHOMA CITY – A Newcastle teen who was critically injured in a crash back in December is making progress in his recovery.

Caleb Freeman and his brother, Clayton, were on their way to an OU basketball game when their vehicle crashed on December 19th. 

Both were rushed to the OU Medical Center. Clayton was released not long after with minor injuries.

Caleb escaped without a broken bone, but suffered major brain trauma.

Caleb Freeman

Since then, Caleb has been making great progress in his recovery, according to family members.

“Caleb had another good night. He slept very well. We praise the Lord for this. He also had a very good day. He had good therapy sessions and continues to progress in small ways each and every day. We are so grateful for the progress we are seeing!” said Caleb’s dad, Jeremy Freeman, on Wednesday.

His family says he still needs to improve with swallowing, and does move his head when it comes to “yes” or “no” commands.

“We love when he does that. He is becoming more and more consistent with responses!” said Jeremy Freeman.

The family also says Caleb attempted to rock in a rocking chair by himself, and had his feet flat on the floor.

Caleb’s dad says despite Caleb not speaking just yet, they are thankful and grateful for everyone who has helped his son progress.

“Caleb just looks better every day. I love his eye contact and the way he communicates with his eyes. I’m so proud of him and how hard he is working!” said Caleb’s dad.

The Freeman family is asking for the community’s continued prayers for Caleb’s recovery.

Caleb’s progress can be followed on the Pray for Caleb Freeman Facebook page, and a YouCaring account has been set up to help his family pay for his medical bills.