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EMSA: At least 2 dozen reported slips, falls amid icy conditions

OKLAHOMA CITY - EMSA officials said they responded to at least two dozen calls of reported slips and falls amid icy conditions.

As of 8:45 p.m. Thursday, EMSA reported 30 falls since midnight.

EMSA operations manager John Graham said most of the reported falls were in areas like parking lots and sidewalks; however, it can also happen indoors after people walk in with wet shoes.

"A lot of times, people will walk inside of a building, and their feet are wet and will slip on the tile they have so we run some injuries that are inside of buildings but are weather related," Graham said.

Graham said people with prior medical conditions and the elderly are the most susceptible to falling and, sometimes, it can lead to life-threatening injuries.

"The older population, if they fall and strike their head, are very susceptible to bleeding, so they can get brain bleeds, things like that," he said.

If you do have to go outside, EMSA recommends to be aware of your surroundings and wear weather-appropriate attire.

"If you happen to have little shoe spikes you can put on... put those on, if it’s icy, you want to be very careful with those on any other surface," Graham said.

Officials saif the safest area, especially during bad weather, is home. Oklahoma City resident Roshonda Coleman agrees.

"I don’t like the ice. I do like the snow when I can stay at home," Coleman said. "I try to stay clear and stay in as much I can because, I mean, it doesn’t take much for people to fall and have an accident."

EMSA also recommends people to take their phones with them if they are going to walk outside during bad weather, even if it's just to get the mail. This way, they call for help easily if they fall.

For more information on EMSA and its services, give officials a call.