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“I just kept slipping,” Oklahoma girl’s attempt at chores during winter weather goes viral

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma girl's embarrassing moment in the icy weather is now getting national attention.

It all started when Alexis Johnson and her sister went to bring the trash bins back to the house on Tuesday morning. However, the icy weather caused a few problems.

“I just kept slipping,” Alexis Johnson said.

It probably was not the way Alexis had planned to celebrate her 11th birthday, but she didn't think twice when her mom asked her to finish her chores.

Alexis and her older sister, Nicolette, slid down the driveway to bring in the trash bins, but Alexis had a problem.

“She has no problem at all, but I was just like, 'Ugh,’” Alexis said.

Nicolette showed no mercy as sisters often do.

“It was kinda funny how she kept slipping,” Nicolette Johnson said.

When the laughter subsided, she lent her sister a helping hand.

All the while, their mom had no idea what was taking them so long.

She was unloading groceries, oblivious to the now viral moment unfolding in her driveway. That was until their dad, who works at News 4, checked the surveillance cameras.

“He was just laughing and he was like, 'Kathy, come here, come here!' And she just started laughing too,” Alexis said.

The video is now getting national attention. It was featured on the TODAY Show and News 4 was there as the girls were interviewed by Inside Edition.

“It's really embarrassing!” said Nicolette.

“Yeah! It's just really embarrassing! But it's also funny at the same time,” Alexis said.