Icy road conditions cause multiple crashes, traffic around the metro

OKLAHOMA CITY - Icy road conditions have caused multiple crashes Thursday morning around the metro.

The ice and slush covered the metro roads, making for a traffic nightmare.

"The guy getting out of the truck out here had been stuck out here all morning, and then tried to get by and side swiped this white car here," Casey Murphy told News 4 after witnessing a crash at I-35 and Hefner Road.

"It's been been slick and icy the entire way," said Natalie Evans. "I've passed by about four or five wrecks."

Evans said her morning commute to work normally takes about 20 minutes. On Thursday, it took over an hour.

"Pretty much impossible to break. I've been going about 15-20 MPH the entire way. So, not a very pleasant drive. I'm stuck on an on-ramp to I-35. It's completely back up. I don't know if it's even possible to make it up without spinning out," Evans said early Thursday morning.

Along with Evans, several semis were also stuck in the same spot.

"You've got to be careful. Give yourself some space, otherwise you can't break because, with a full load like this, it takes 150 feet to come to a deadly stop on dry pavement," said Jean-Robert Lecocq, a truck driver.

Lecocq said, in wet or dry conditions, it's often other drivers who cause him issues out on the road.

"That's why sometimes you might hear horns, somebody cutting off in front of us or something like that," Lecocq said. "We can't stop on time. It's so dangerous."