Icy roads cause issues for drivers across the metro

OKLAHOMA CITY - While the road conditions improved throughout the morning, some drivers had a tough time getting out and about on Thursday.

It was a rude wake up call for drivers trying to climb the hill near 36th and Broadway. An Oklahoma City officer shut down the eastbound traffic at the intersection and helped drivers turn around to get back down the hill.

Even seasoned drivers found it difficult to navigate the roads early Thursday morning. An EMBARK bus began to slide off Kelley, just north of 63rd, and caught a high curb. If that wasn't enough, a pickup truck couldn't stop and ended up hitting the bus.

EMBARK bus accident

A heavy wrecker was called to tow the bus, but it got stuck on nearby neighborhood streets. Fortunately, no injuries were reported at either accident scene.

Wrecker stuck on neighborhood streets

Truck drivers had trouble along the access roads along I-35 in northeast Oklahoma City.  Truckers coming to and from warehouses and distribution centers had a tough time near Britton Rd. The slight grades and curves caused trucks to slide or just stall.

Truck drivers stuck along I-35 and Britton Rd.

Also, Kelley Ave. near N.E. 36th was another hot spot for icy trouble on Thursday morning.

Dozens of vehicles had trouble in the small hills and narrow side roads along Kelley in northeast Oklahoma City. Other drivers and bystanders went to work pushing cars out of ditches.