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“It can be intimidating,” Coyotes spotted in metro neighborhood

MOORE, Okla. - Wildlife experts said, because of the colder temperatures, we could see more sightings of coyotes as they move away from their winter habitats and closer to neighborhoods in search for food.

It’s a sighting that's sending some people on the edge.

“They get calling and yipping, and it sounds... It can be intimidating,” said Jenny Potter.

Potter said it's a sound no one really wants to hear.

“We hear the coyotes at night,” she said.

The sound is not too far from the backyards of many Moore residents.

Potter has lived near S.E. 9th and Ashwood Lane for 10 years, and she said hearing the howls at night can get a bit scary.

“It is harrowing at times, particularly at night if you forgot something, and you go out to your car and you can hear them in the field. It sounds like there are 300 of them, but you know there's obviously less,” Potter said.

Neighbors sent photos to News 4 of coyotes spotted in their backyard.

Many times, they said the animal is attacking small prey.

“Once, I was up in the middle of the night feeding a baby and saw one go right by the front window,” Potter said.

The Game Warden told News 4 there have been no attacks on humans in Oklahoma, but many neighbors are worried about their pets.

Potter said she understands she lives in a wooded area so she just gives the animal a safe distance.

“We got a creek on one side of our house and woods behind it, so there have been several times we've seen coyotes cut through our yard trying to get down to the creeks,” Potter said.

The Game Warden also said coyotes are more scared of humans than we think so try to stay back.