Plan to charge for paved parking at State Fair Park has been ‘postponed indefinitely’

OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials say a plan to charge for all paved parking at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds has been put on hold.

In December, State Fair Park officials announced that they were planning to add more security at events, enhanced lighting on paved parking areas and buses that will transport people between buildings.

However, they said the paved parking would come at a cost.

“We need to be more diligent in our efforts to try to protect the people who come out to the events at State Fair Park,” Scott Munz, a State Fair Park spokesperson, told KFOR.

Some event organizers told News 4 that they would have to take into account the added parking charge before agreeing to hold their event at the fairgrounds.

“If there’s a better opportunity somewhere, you certainly have to look at that and frankly, this is a negative on the fairgrounds that they’re going to start charging for parking,” Dale Yerigan, general manager for the International Professional Rodeo Association, said.

On Thursday, State Fair Park officials told KFOR that the plan to charge for paved parking at all events has been postponed indefinitely.

Officials say the park will continue to charge for premium parking during the 11 days of the State Fair of Oklahoma, something they have done since 2004.