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“She is a very feisty soul,” Oklahoma 11-year-old hoping to make Olympic dreams a reality

EDMOND, Okla. - On the ice, Annika Sinning makes everything look easy. The 11-year-old from Oklahoma City could be on course for figure skating greatness.

"She is a technician. She is a very feisty soul in that little body, a fierce competitor loves it when she is on display. Overall, great potential in that athlete," said Jackie Brenner, who coaches Annika.

Annika was born in Vietnam, but was adopted by her Oklahoma parents when she was 5 months old. Her love for skating started shortly after.

"I went out to the rink to watch and so then I wanted to skate," said Annika.

"When she turned about two and a half, she started begging to skate and we didn’t let her until she was three and a half and she’s skated ever since," said LaDonna Sinning, Annika's mom.

Annika attends Epic Charter School. It allows for up to 30 hours a week with skating in the mornings, classes in the afternoon and a personal trainer in the evenings.

"She is a very driven child, so it's just what she likes to do. She told us when she was three, this is serious and she is going to be very good, so we are waiting to see," said LaDonna.

Traveling four to six times a year to compete in places like Dallas, Colorado Springs, and even Los Angeles, Annika recently placed 4th in the 9 state regional meet.

"We are just on a great pattern for great success. She is 11 years old and she is in a good place for where she is,  so I'm excited about her future," said Brenner.

"I want to get to the Olympics because I think it will be fun," said Annika.