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Oklahoma City to begin delivering large, green recycling carts to residents

OKLAHOMA CITY – Crews will be going to nearly 195,000 homes across Oklahoma City to deliver new recycling carts to residents.

Officials with the Oklahoma City Utilities Department announced that crews will begin delivering large, green recycling carts to residents on Monday, Feb. 26.

The new carts will replace the current blue recycling bins.

According to the city’s website, the new carts will hold about five times the amount of materials as the current bins, and will have wheels and a lid. It will also allow residents to recycle cardboard.

Organizers say it will take approximately 13 weeks to deliver all of the carts to 195,000 customers throughout the city in preparation for the new large-cart recycling program in July.

Officials say the city will suspend all recycling for one month, beginning on June 1, so crews can prepare to start the large cart program in early July.

Until then, customers are asked to continue using their little blue bins.