Oklahoma mother arrested for child neglect after found passed out on couch from alleged drug use

Jessica Williams

WILSON, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother was arrested for child neglect after she was found passed out with drugs nearby. Police say her baby was left crying on the floor.

Wilson Police say they were helping to serve a felony warrant for a Carter County suspect at the home where 20-year-old Jessica Williams’ car was found.

“They knocked on the door that police allege was unlatched and open, then they heard the crying baby,” reports KXII.

Police say they did not find the suspect, who didn’t live at the home, however, they did find Williams passed out on the couch with marijuana, pills, a handgun, methamphetamine pipe and a digital scale nearby.

The baby was found crying on the floor, but is okay. He has been placed with other family members.

Williams was charged with child neglect, possession of a gun while committing a felony and possession of drugs and paraphernalia.