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Police respond to officer involved shooting

OKLAHOMA CITY --  Officer responded to a domestic violence call around 6:30 p.m. on SW 33rd and Klein.  While on the scene officers located a man shooting a gun in his front yard.
The suspect then allegedly turned the gun on officers once they attempted to confront him.

"When the officers arrived they located the suspect outside his home. The suspect as shooting his gun and he started shooting at the officers when they arrived. Three officers return fire at the suspect. The suspect was able to get away he and showed at a fire station on SW 29th and Brookline Ave," said Police Captain Bo Matthews.

It's unclear at this time if the suspect drove off or ran from the scene.
While making it to a nearby fire station the suspect told fire fighters he was shot, the crew called police and the suspect was taken to a local hospital.

His condition is unknown, but Matthews said he will likely survive.  The officers that return fire will be placed on administrative leave as protocol. The shooting is still under investigation.