“It’s been really remarkable,” High-tech treatment puts pit bull on road to recovery after fire

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Warning: Some viewers may find this video to be disturbing. 

OKLAHOMA CITY - A pit bull is on the road to recovery after suffering significant burns in a house fire in southwest Oklahoma City back on February 5.  The dog is getting cutting edge treatment to heal his wounds.

Dana Call and her staff the Neel Veterinary Clinic decided to use hyperbaric oxygen treatment on Jamaica. It's a high-pressure, 100 percent oxygen environment that puts healing in fast forward.

"The tissue recovers much more quickly because oxygen gets into the tissue beds at a higher rate than it would normally," Call said. "It's the pressure that moves the oxygen to the tissue spaces. You can see on his body where the burns were and how pink it gets inside the oxygen chamber. It's because it's getting very well oxygenated."

The chamber also reduces inflammation and bacterial infection, critical in treating burn victims.

Call said hydrotherapy, antibiotics and cold laser treatment have also been used to put Jamaica on track for a full recovery.

"It's kind of a once in a lifetime case," she said. "We don’t get many opportunities to treat dogs with significant burns. He’s recovering very well. It's been really remarkable. He has also had a really strong will to live."

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