Man with large face tumor reveals what he looks like following “life-changing” surgery

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BOISE, Idaho - An Idaho man who had a large face tumor has revealed what he looks like following a "life-changing" surgery.

Lucas McCulley, 22, was living with a rare and painful tumor on the right side of his face, KTVB reports.

"I had pain from when I woke up to when, I would go to sleep, the entire time it would be non-stop," says McCulley.

He underwent more than two-dozen surgeries as a child, but doctors said they wouldn't operate on him again until his body stopped growing.

As an adult, McCulley lost his insurance and could no longer afford the surgery.

After the local news station aired a story on McCulley, people from the community worked together to help him come up with the money for his next surgery.

They donated to McCulley's GoFundMe account for surgery to the tune of more than $100,000 and shared his story thousands of times.

That viral support eventually landed him on the hit TV series "The Doctors."

According to KTVB, it was on "The Doctors" where McCulley learned he would finally be able to undergo the life-changing surgery.

After eight grueling hours of surgery, the 22-year-old's tumor was removed and he is completely pain-free.

"It feels like I have got a new life, people that know me close say there's a new shine to my personality and you can just tell a difference when I talk and am interacting, I'm happy feeling better and not in pain all the time," says McCulley.

Dr. Gregory Levitin told KTVB that it was the most extreme case he has ever operated on.

Although McCulley's condition is not curable, Dr. Levitin says he's confident the tumor won't grow back or at least not to the size it was before.

Dr. Levitin told KTVB that there are more risks than potential benefits when it comes to reconstructive surgery on McCulley's eye.

But McCulley says that he has already received the results he wants - a pain-free life with a new outlook.


"I kind of get the sense that it's possible now, and some of the stuff that you think is impossible, can be possible, it’s something that I wish more people would know, the impossible is possible," says McCulley.


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