Experts issue warning after dangerous encounter with bison at Oklahoma wildlife refuge

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WICHITA MOUNTAINS WILDLIFE REFUGE, Okla. – Officials at a wildlife refuge say a man is lucky to be alive after getting a little too close to a wild animal.

Daneila Zyks and her husband were at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge when she saw a man squatting just feet away from a bison.

“I figured the buffalo was about to charge,” Zyks told KSWO.

She told her husband to call 911 and get help.

“Whether we would’ve honked, yelled, or told him to get away, he was going to get charged,” she said.

Deputy Refuge Manager David Farmer says the man was lucky that he didn’t get charged, and he recommends staying at least 25 yards away from bison.

“They are very, very wild animals,” he said. “They may look tame, they may look domesticated, but they are very wild. They are three times faster than the average person and they have great hearing and a great sense of smell and poor vision so it does allow people to get closer to them than they should.”

If you find yourself too close to a bison, Farmer says you should slowly walk backward unless the bison is aggressive. If the bison is being aggressive, try to put a large object between yourself and the bison.

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