“He needs to be in jail,” Suspect attempts to break into home after allegedly hitting construction worker

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LUTHER, Okla. --- A manhunt in Luther sent police searching for a suspect for several hours on Friday.

Law enforcement agencies from two counties were searching for a man who fled from police and slammed his car into a construction zone, hitting and injuring a construction worker.

"He needs to be in jail," said Donna Standard.

Officials say it all started with what should have been a simple traffic stop.

"He swerved to the southbound lane on 66, striking a construction worker," said Luther Police Chief David Randall.

Randall said he was trying to stop a car when he noticed it was weaving in-and-out of lanes of traffic. He said the car never stopped.

"The vehicle then went on the oncoming traffic, eastbound on 66, causing several other vehicles to go off the road," said Randall.

Randall also said that's when the suspect allegedly slammed his car into a construction worker in a construction zone. At that point, the alleged suspect ditched the car and took off on foot.

"I was in the bathroom and I heard something on the deck, walking around. I thought it was my neighbor's dog," said Standard.

Standard was home alone when the suspect ran from police and ended up on her doorstep.

"All of sudden, I saw something. I had the drape closed but I can see through them and I saw a silhouette and he was trying to get in the back door," Standard said.

Her home surveillance system captured the alleged suspect peeking through her doors and attempting to open the windows.

"First thing I did was I texted my husband and said, 'Which gun do I use?' And I told him someone was trying to break in, so I grabbed the shotgun," she said.

Standard said she is lucky the man didn't get inside her home before she alerted police.

Authorities say the suspect was driving a car that had been reported as stolen from an Oklahoma City resident on Friday morning.

The suspect was last spotted near the county line, but law enforcement officials said he could be back in Oklahoma City.

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