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WOULD IT WORK? How to stop students making threats against schools – fine their parents $1,000 or more

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VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - Students threatening to carry out school shootings have skyrocketed across the nation since Valentine's Day, when 17 students and staff were killed in Parkland, Florida.

Now one Florida sheriff says he has an idea to end them - fine their parents at least $1,000, the minimum fee that it costs an agency to investigate.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood says that fine could go much higher depending on the cost to investigate each threat, even if they are found to be a hoax.

"There is no, 'Well, he was joking.' No, do not pass go. You're locked up," Chitwood told WESH. "You want to act like a knucklehead, you're going to be a knucklehead in handcuffs, and I'm telling the parents, sit your child down and tell them."

Should Oklahoma law enforcement impose the same fine on the parents of students who make threats against students, staff, or their school?

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