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Man injured in officer-involved shooting facing several charges

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma man who was injured during an officer-involved shooting is now facing several charges.

Last month, Oklahoma City police officers responded to a domestic violence call in the 1000 block of SW 33rd St.

When police arrived at the home, they spotted 37-year-old Todd Heinen leaving the home with a gun in his hand.

According to the probable cause affidavit, officers repeatedly told Heinen to drop the gun. Instead, police say Heinen fired multiple rounds toward two officers.

One of the bullets actually hit the taser of one of the officers, which was attached to his belt. At that point, the officers returned fire and hit Heinen.

However, Heinen was able to get away and ended up at a fire station with a head injury.

"He told the firefighters he had been shot by the police. He also admitted talking to his attorney, who told him to turn himself in," the affidavit states.

Heinen was taken to an Oklahoma City hospital for treatment, and was booked into jail when he was released.

Now, the probable cause affidavit is providing a clearer picture of what sent officers to the home in southwest Oklahoma City.

Authorities interviewed Heinen's wife, who described a terrifying attack that all started over the volume of the radio.

The victim told investigators that she was sitting on the bed with her son when Heinen allegedly tried to hit her with the television. At that point, she says she tried to leave the house but Heinen allegedly threw her on the couch.

While she was holding her son, the victim claims that Heinen poked her in the eye and grabbed her mouth like he was 'trying to rip' it apart.

Fortunately, she says she was able to get away and ran to a neighbor's house. But she wasn't able to take her son and was worried for his safety.

Todd Heinen, Oklahoma County Jail

The victim says she went back to the house to get her son but was confronted by Heinen at the front door. The affidavit states that the victim wouldn't go inside "because she thought he would kill her if she did."

Witnesses told police that they say Heinen 'throw' the baby on the ground when he brought him out of the house.

Last week, Heinen was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, possession of an offensive weapon while committing a felony, domestic abuse and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.