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“Please consider your impact,” Martin Park Nature Center reports vandalism, destruction of property

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OKLAHOMA CITY – A nature park that is situated in the heart of Oklahoma City is now dealing with a rash of vandalism.

Martin Park Nature Center, located in the 5000 block of W. Memorial Rd., serves as an easy escape for those seeking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

However, organizers say some visitors vandalized and destroyed parts of the park this weekend.

“After a record visitation of over 1000 visitors yesterday, Martin Park staff are saddened to find numerous locations across park grounds which were vandalized and destroyed. Fences were broken, signs were removed, multiple areas of heavy foot traffic off-trail and into the wildlife conservation areas were found, cliffs along Spring Creek were heavily eroded out by visitors climbing, benches were relocated off trails onto cliffs which are undercut and may collapse at any time, and litter was found strewn along all the trails, playground, and parking lot, even though animal proof receptacles have been placed throughout park grounds,” Martin Park Nature Center wrote on Facebook.

“We as humans are the most destructive force on Earth. Please consider your impact, and the impact of your friends and family while visiting Martin Park. If we as residents of the greater OKC metroplex cannot change our ways and take accountability for our actions, irreversible changes will take place, and we will lose what Martin Park Nature Center was set aside to preserve.”

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