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Texas couple warning pet owners after dog suffocates in chip bag

TOMBALL, Texas- A Texas couple is warning pet owners about a danger that they never even knew was inside their home.

Three years ago, Chrissy Young and Christian Villarreal got their dog, Petey, and he quickly became part of their family.

A few weeks ago, the couple returned home to find the pitbull mix unresponsive with his nose in a chip bag.

“We had the bag of chips that a fairly slim bag and was made of cellophane, and it had been on the countertop,” Young told KTRK. “We had been snacking on them. We had come and gone throughout the weekend and he never messed with them.”

They rushed Petey to the veterinarian, but it was too late.

While they may never know exactly what happened, the vet believes that the bag may have gotten stuck behind the dog’s ears after eating the chips. After not being able to get the bag off of his head, experts believe Petey may have suffocated.

Dr. Allison Erkman says she has heard of cases like this, but it was the first case they have seen at their clinic.