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Trails of blood worry neighbors of southeast Oklahoma City processing plant

OKLAHOMA CITY - Some southeast Oklahoma City residents said, if you are trying to find the Valley Proteins plant, it's pretty easy - just follow a trail of blood and sand.

Neighbors said unsanitary things have been going on with the animal processing plant for over a year and it's only getting worse.

The processing plant at S.E. 23rd and Oklahoma has vehicles leaving behind trails of blood, later covered by sand.

"There was a big patch of blood out there in the street, I was trying to keep my dog away from it and I took some pictures of it," said area resident and business owner Jason.

Jason said he and fellow residents have gone to city council with their issues.

"This is an ongoing problem," Jason said. "The worst is the smell that comes from that place. It's disgusting. Nobody seems to want to do anything about it."

News 4 tried calling the plant on Monday night. We even went up to the door and rang the bell. There was no answer even though there were trucks coming and going.

"It is a health hazard," Jason said. "I’ve got pictures that I took just over the weekend where they have a whole dump truck-worth of animal parts that they have spilled out in their parking lot, and it's laying there in the mud and it was right after it rained. I'm a little worried about it."

Jason said it's tough to keep his dog away from the blood and the spills have brought packs of dogs to the neighborhood.

He said, according to his research, the plant has recently been sold to an out of state company and that's when the problem has really gotten bad.