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Authorities identify 80-year-old Oklahoma man who drowned in pond

ENID, Okla. — Authorities have identified an 80-year-old Oklahoma man who drowned in a pond.

Friday afternoon, 80-year-old Nolan Grim and his friend, 68-year-old David Eagleman, were out in their boat on a farm pond near 16200 E. US 412 in Enid.

According to a report obtained by the Enid News and Eagle, the wind caused water to come over the side of the boat, which made the boat capsize.

The two men attempted to swim to the bank, but were unsuccessful.

“After about 30 seconds of swimming, Mr. Grim went under. Mr. Eagleman returned back to the boat and waited for responders to show up,” GCSO Sgt. Jody Helm said.

A nearby landowner saw the capsized boat and called for help.

When Garfield County deputies arrived on scene, they rowed into the water to rescue Eagleman.

That is when Eagleman reportedly told deputies that his friend was still in the water.

The deputies then jumped back into the water to retrieve Grim.

Grim and Eagleman were both rushed to the hospital.

Sadly, Grim did not survive.