Biker gives cop fist bump with foot while doing stunts

ST. LOUIS, Mo. β€” Video of a man on a motorcycle bumping an officer in a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department vehicle is going viral after the bike's rider apparently posted it with this message Saturday on Facebook:

"Who Says We can’t get Along. Well in Saint Louis We Can. Mutual Respect πŸ’― πŸš” 🏍"

The video shows the man on a red motorcycle doing a wheelie. He extends a leg when he gets to an intersection, and an officer in the vehicle appears to extend his arm. The two appear to fist-foot bump as they speed down the street.

Who shot the video? It is worth noting a Facebook page named 'Bikers vs Cops' attributes the video to an Instagram user named 'no_name_stunts.' That social media account appears to have posted several videos of bikers doing stunts around St. Louis this weekend, according to KTVI.

@mike_kulla out here putting of for police @bikes_vs_cops #streetstyle #hoonigan #stl

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It is not clear if the biker was breaking any laws. Police do not appear to pull over the motorcyclist in the video.

Sgt. Keith Barrett, a St. Louis police spokesman, said the department was aware of the video and has opened an internal investigation.