Organization makes big donation to help keep arts in Oklahoma City schools

OKLAHOMA CITY – Students in the Oklahoma City Public School district will have more opportunities to get involved in the arts after a major donation.

This school year, numerous organizations came together to help keep the arts in classrooms with the ‘Arts Partnership’ after budget cuts put those programs in jeopardy.

The ‘Arts Partnership’ helps identify schools with no art programs and aligns art agencies to help bring visual arts, theater, dance and music into classrooms.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Public School District announced that it will continue the Arts Partnership for the 2018-2019 school year.

The partnership received a big boost with a $160,000 donation from Gardner Tanenbaum Holdings.

District leaders say that while the ‘Art Partnership’ serves as a temporary solution to bridge the gap in funding, they hope lawmakers will return education funding to previous levels before budget cuts.