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Game wardens rescue paddlefish trapped in pool of water in parking area

SPIRO, Okla. – Game wardens in one Oklahoma community are praising the quick actions of a few kids to help save several fish.

On Wednesday, game wardens received a call about several paddlefish being stranded in a pool near the Arkansas River.

When Game Warden Jeremy Bersche got to the scene, he spotted a small pool of water in a parking area. Officials say the recent rainfall caused part of the Arkansas River to overflow into the parking lot, and the pool was left behind when the water receded.

With the help of a few people, game wardens were able to rescue 25 to 30 paddlefish.

Paddlefish were alive during the time of the dinosaurs, but their population has declined in recent years due to illegal harvesting, fish kills and the construction of dams.

“Without these kids letting wardens know, these fish would have perished from oxygen deprivation, predators or possibly poaching,” a post on Facebook read.