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District leaders release more information after gun found at U.S. Grant High School

OKLAHOMA CITY – District leaders are releasing more information after a scary situation at an Oklahoma City high school on Thursday morning.

Shortly after 10 a.m. on Thursday, U.S. Grant High School was placed on lockdown following reports of a man with a gun on campus.

Chris Gibson, a teacher at U.S. Grant High School, told News 4 that he saw the man roaming the hallways and stopped him.

“I thought something was off by the way he was acting and I called an administrator and she said, ‘Yeah, he’s definitely not supposed to be in school,” said Gibson.

The former student was then escorted to the office. He allegedly smelled like marijuana, so administrators asked to search him.

At that point, he ran off and left his backpack behind. Inside the backpack, school leaders found a loaded gun.

“It was a .380 handgun. It had six rounds in the magazine,” said OKCPS Security Director Tim Coleman.

Immediately, the school was placed on lockdown and nearby elementary schools were placed on lockout as a precaution.

"They were saying we're on a lockdown, stay hidden, be quiet, this was not a drill," said Julian Gomez.

A short time later, the alleged suspect's friends and family members helped police locate him.


"We don't know why he had a weapon at school. But, that doesn't matter, he had a weapon at school and that is not acceptable," said U.S. Grant Principal Greg Frederick.

On Friday, officials with the Oklahoma City Public School District released additional information about how the alleged suspect was able to get into  the school.

District leaders say the suspect was let into the school through a side door by two other U.S. Grant students. Officials say it was coordinated to avoid the security protocols at the main entrance.

Those students have now been disciplined as well.

“Yesterday’s events brought to the forefront the importance of planning and preparedness. Safety is always our first and highest ethical responsibility. While it hurts that the world we live in requires our students and staff to practice for these situations, yesterday’s incident is proof that the drills we conduct are necessary. It is also proof that the investments we make to constantly learn and improve our security measures are important.  This should only reinforce for all of our students and families that we must understand and follow all security protocols.  Every day – not just when it is convenient or when the person breaking the rules is a stranger. We must also recommit to being vigilant. If you see something, please say something.  You don’t have to be right.  Just tell someone, so the right people can investigate. We have to stick together,” said OKCPS Acting Superintendent Rebecca Kaye.