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“Every single child is a star. Every last one,” Special needs class takes stage in Peter Pan

EDMOND, Okla. -- Friday morning, the lights dimmed in the auditorium at Washington Irving, and the students settled in for a real treat.

They went to Neverland for Miss Robin's annual class production.

This year, Robin Mills chose Peter Pan and an all-star cast.

"I think everybody`s really excited. We're pumped," said teaching assistant Caitlin Mooney. "Ready to go. Best one yet!"

Miss Robin isn't a drama teacher.

She's actually the special education teacher at Edmond's Washington Irving.

Everyone in school knows the kids in Miss Robin`s class are extra special.

"Every single child is a star. Every last one," said speech-language pathologist, Emily Boyett. "They all get the limelight. I get goosebumps just talking about that."

There were goosebumps for everyone backstage, as the cast waited for the curtain to rise.

They have worked so hard for this day.

"My staff is incredible," Mills said. "The set is mostly handmade. Most of my supplies are bought at thrift stores."

Mills' team put in more than 200 hours of work, designing costumes for all and an incredibly intricate set.

"And a lot of glitter," Mills said. "I love glitter. There's glitter all over the school."

The auditorium was full.

The curtain opened and the actors found their spots; Pan, Wendy, The Lost Boys, The Pirates, The Mermaids, The Alligator.

If one of the actors looks familiar, that's because Connor Mansalis, who plays Michael Darling, was recently featured in a News 4 report about a rare genetic disorder.

They are stars whose light shined so brightly, not despite their challenges, but because of them.

The show earned a standing ovation; well deserved.