Oklahoma student says he found spiders on tray while eating breakfast at school

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – An Oklahoma student says he found spiders in his food while eating breakfast at school.

Gatlan Morris says he was peeling back a banana he got from the school cafeteria when noticed tiny spiders crawling on his lunch tray.

Morris’ friend, Kristen Oliver, recorded the incident on camera.

He says he also noticed spiders in his cereal after already taking several bites.

“Then I looked over on my tray and I seen a group of spiders and I looked in my cereal and they were in my cereal, so I digested spiders,” Morris said.

Morris and Oliver talked to a cafeteria worker about the spiders.

“They just didn’t seem like they wanted to do anything about it except offer another tray, but you know if there’s bugs in the first one, why would we want another one?” said Oliver.

KJRH reached out to Muskogee Public Schools about the incident.

Food Service Director Kim Hall released a statement saying, “The young man that received the banana took it to the cafeteria manager and she apologized to him, several times, for the problem. This was an isolated incident. It’s produce. Unfortunately, I have no control over Mother Nature.”