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Edmond school board passes resolution supporting teacher walkout

EDMOND, Okla. - The Edmond school board has passed a resolution in support of their teachers who participate in the walkout during an emergency board meeting at noon Monday.

"Edmond schools supports its teachers and efforts to secure a state pay raise," Edmond Superintendent Bret Towne told a large audience that turned out for the meeting. "We've been with you for years working on this."

"Be it hereby resolved that the Edmond Board of Education strongly supports and stands by its teachers in advocating for a salary increase to a competitive salary level with surrounding states," read board member Meredith Exline from the resolution.

The resolution passed by a unanimous vote and earned high praises from those in attendance.

“I love what this is going to do for the teachers," said Edmond parent, Aimee Evans. "It's going to help them really understand that they're not alone."

"I was blown away, to be honest," said Clark Frailey with the group 'Oklahoma Pastors For Kids.' "It was very positive, all voting for it, yes."

"We're happy," said Edmond kindergarten teacher Lisa Glut. "We always feel very supported by our board, but it's nice to hear it.”

Towne discussed many issues, saying there would be no repercussions for teachers participating in the walk and no loss of pay.

He said there are alternative dates for testing and seniors will graduate, regardless of a walkout.

The district will make every effort to continue athletics and extracurricular activities, and they’re working on a plan to continue to feed the children.

"The district is considering plans to offer a child nutrition meal program at several schools around the district,” Towne said.

Towne stopped short of saying they would definitely cancel school.

They plan to poll their teachers to see how many want to walkout.

"If it's to the point that we have teachers who walk out to the extent we can't cover with substitutes - that would be what we'd have to do,” Towne said.

Right now, the district has around 300 active substitutes so, if more teachers than that walk out, school will be cancelled.

Edmond could be out for six days without affecting the school calendar.

"If it goes past the six days, we will either add hours or minutes to each day from that point forward or we have to extend our existing calendar days going into June,” Towne said.

Parents in attendance said they’re willing to endure some hardship to get the desired result.

"Sometimes, when change is necessary, sometimes, you have to walk through some muck to make the change and, on the other side, that's where the beauty comes,” Evans said.