Flirtatious exchange between Oklahoma students triggers response from law enforcement

BYNG, Okla. – Officials say a flirtatious exchange between two Oklahoma students triggered a response from law enforcement.

According to The Ada News, a Byng Junior High School student recently came across a social media post from December 12, 2017 and reported it to authorities.

Pontotoc County Sheriff John Christian said in the exchange, a male student told a female student he appreciated her “hot, shoot-up-the-school looks.”

The post triggered a response from local law enforcement who determined the comment was not meant to be threatening.

“We will not take any legal action against him or her,” Christian said.

The sheriff told The Ada News that his office operates on a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to threats against local schools.

“We have got to get the word out to these parents and kids that this is not going to be tolerated in today’s world,” Christian said. “The Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Office will take immediate action to apprehend anyone making a threat or transmitting a threat against our schools.”