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Major County sheriff arrested following confrontation with his daughter’s boyfriend

BLAINE COUNTY, Okla. – The Major County sheriff has been arrested following a confrontation with his daughter’s boyfriend.

Steven Randolph, 43, is under arrest Monday after an investigation into allegations against him in relation to the confrontation in May.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said Randolph pulled his sheriff’s vehicle in front of Carlos Aguilar, reached through the open window of Aguilar’s truck, grabbed him by clothes near his neck and threatened to kill him.

According to OSBI, Randolph’s wife persuaded him to let go of Aguilar. Randolph then pointed his gun toward the roadway and fired a shot.

In November, the District 26 attorney’s office requested OSBI investigate.

The investigation concluded Monday with Randolph’s arrest on three misdemeanor counts including assault and battery, malicious injury to property and reckless conduct with a firearm.

He was arrested at the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office and booked into the county’s jail.