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Man flags down Anadarko police after being stabbed 14 times 

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ANADARKO, Okla. – A man who was stabbed and losing consciousness got lucky when he wandered over to an Anadarko police officer not far from where he was injured.

The officer was at a car wash, washing his patrol vehicle around midnight Friday when the victim and his friend walked up to the officer.

The man was bloodied all over his body.

“He had very significant wounds to his hands, which are considered defensive injuries,” said Lt. James Howard with the Anadarko Police Department.

The police called an ambulance and, while it was en route, the officer tried talking to the victim but he was quickly losing consciousness. He finally fell to the ground.

Police removed his T-shirt and saw he had several stab wounds on his torso.

A trail of blood led police back to the home where they said he was injured. There, they found the weapon, a box cutting blade, that had been disassembled.

“Part of it was found in a dishwasher at the home, and the other part was found in the toilet, the actual blade of the weapon," Howard said.

Police said that wasn’t all the suspect left behind.

“He also took the time to remove his clothing and discard his clothing, which we also recovered at the residence,” Howard said.

On Monday, Travis Kaulaity turned himself into police.

Investigators said the two had not met before that night.

Police said Kaulaity claimed it was self-defense. A man claiming to be related to Kaulaity told News 4 the victim had entered the house, intoxicated and uninvited, and attacked Kaulaity.

However, officers said they don’t believe an argument of self-defense is credible, pointing out he didn’t have any injuries they were able to identify.

The victim survived his injuries. Charges in the case are pending.

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