Minco residents want changes to “dangerous” highway after fatal crash

MINCO, Okla. - Folks who live in Minco said Highway 81 has become dangerous and, in some cases, deadly.

Last week, a woman lost her life on that stretch of highway.

“It is dangerous," said Kelly Rupp. "It's dangerous to pull out. There's nowhere to go."

The sounds of 18-wheelers barreling through Minco is becoming a concern for many who live there or travel through.

“It's very congested,” Rupp said. "It's fast moving. Not a lot of margin of error there, and we have a lot of accidents."

Rupp has lived in the Grady County city for 20 years and, during her time there in Minco, she's said Highway 81 has become a death trap.

“We had a fatality accident last week that took a member of our community, and then the next day we had a Minco school bus rear-ended here in town and then that afternoon an accident at this intersection right here,” she said.

Folks said the stretch of terror starts once you hit Union City.

“There's an incredible amount of truck traffic,” Rupp said.

The speed limit along the area goes from 35, 55 to 65 miles per hour within minutes. Drivers said, when you get to a spot called red hill, the visibility decreases.

Rupp said she would like to see some changes.

“Maybe doing some widening of the shoulders," she said. "Maybe putting in some more passing lanes, slowing down traffic, putting in some maybe flashing caution lights."

ODOT tell us a city must request a traffic study with them in order to make a change with the speed limit.

In the meantime, a warning for drivers:

“It is dangerous, and so they need to be really, really vigilant,” Rupp said.

The woman who was killed in the wreck last week was laid to rest Monday.

Citizen requests for speed zone studies on highways have to be made through the local ODOT office.