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Quirky movie theater coming to Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – After lawmakers approved a measure last year that allows movie theaters to sell alcohol, a quirky movie theater that is popular around the country announced its plans to head to the Sooner State.

In 2017, lawmakers passed House Bill 2186, which allows movie theaters to sell alcohol to patrons, who could then enjoy the beverages in their seats.

Supporters say alcohol will only be available for ticketed guests as a way to prevent the theater from becoming a “bar atmosphere.”

Now, it seems a drafthouse cinema will be heading to north Oklahoma City.

According to our partners at OKCTalk, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is planning on setting up a location at the Chisholm Creek development, near Memorial and Western.

Credit: OKCTalk

The chain screens popular movies, but also features classics, cult classics, independents, documentaries, special guest appearances and audience participation shows.

In addition to full in-seat service, a dedicated bar is featured in all of their U.S. locations.

The movie theater is expected to break ground in approximately six months.

Credit: OKCTalk