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Unsolicited call from “John” asks for your cash to support police

OKLAHOMA CITY - There are unsolicited phone calls raising eyebrows around town.

Ray Lewis received one.

It appears they’re using artificial intelligence and asking for money.

The call starts with “John” saying he is from the American Police Officers Alliance and asking for donations.

Lewis said they called him from a local number, but that doesn't mean they're in Oklahoma, since caller ID spoofing apps let you make calls as anyone.

Mark Nelson is with the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 123 tells the In Your Corner team his organization has absolutely zero affiliation with American Police Officers Alliance.

While there are some legit local groups that will solicit donations over the phone, his organization will not.

“Most of these telemarketing companies take an overwhelming majority of the donations or contributions given, and very little of it actually goes to police or police organizations,” he said.

 The American Police Officers Alliance lists Arlington, Virginia as its home base and proclaims to be a "national political organization" that works to ensure “a unified voice in politics” fighting for those who protect our nation's citizens.

Nowhere do they say where your donation dollars are actually going.

The In Your Corner bottom line:

  • Never just give your money over the phone to a charity calling.
  • The Fraternal Order of Police will never call you asking for donations. 
  • A fundraiser should be able to give you a tax ID number, so ask them for it.
  • If you want to give to the fraternal order of police, go to their website.

We did some checking.

American Police Officers Alliance is a 527 organization, meaning they are a political action committee, or PAC.