Boy looking for “kind, loving, respectful” family to adopt him

OKLAHOMA CITY - Matthew is an adorable seventh grader who is a kid of many tastes.

He is about to celebrate his 13th birthday and has some wide-ranging interests.

When it comes to activities, Matthew likes baseball and football. His other interests include the late zookeeper Steve Irwin and reptiles.

"If I ever get a reptile, I'm going to get a turtle, but I want a lizard, a lizard or a snake," Matthew said.

That would be a thrill for the 12-year-old but not a career goal.

"What do I want to be? I want to be a veterinarian surgeon. I want to be a MLB baseball player and, this is going to shock you, I want to be a, what is it, a ghost hunter," he said. "Because, I just believe in the paranormal."

Right now, he is reading a book about them, but he has yet to meet a ghost in person.

"No, I really want to though, but it's going to freak me out. At this age, I'm going to be like 'Ahhh!'" Matthew said.

He may be interested in the paranormal, but Matthew really just wants to be normal with a family.

"Yeah, it's been difficult, because I've been in and out of places,” Matthew said.

Right now, he's at a foster home in the country, a place that feels more like a home.

"The family I live with right now? I wish I could be adopted by them,” Matthew said.

But, he doesn't have any way of choosing his family. Instead, he's just hoping he'll be able to find one that will give him what he really wants.

"Living out in the country, like animals, are okay with reptiles, kind, loving, respectful and I would say responsible," he said.

Until then, the fun-loving kid is enjoying new experiences life brings.

For more information on Matthew, call Tom Peterson at 405-325-9398.

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